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samedi 25 avril 2015

And finally SIMS 4 kids bedroom rosie. click image to download on jomsimscreations

here for your Sims 4 Kids. bedroom rosie. I really separate objects as possible so you can make the room of your dreams. Dresser in 2 part. canopy in 2 part. for dresser  1 part low part . with deco dresses use it like a dresser. and a second part just deco with box texture wood and metal.
canopy in 3 colors just curtain. and second part deco ceiling metal part. 1 single bed in 3 colors. misc box deco but with 1 slot afront to put deco objects if you want. deco clutter. 1 flower puff in 3 colors. 1 stickers castle pinky .1 stickers misc kids .
14 new objects.
Have fun! and don't hesitate leave a message.