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mercredi 30 septembre 2015

NEW MAKE UP . mistress eyebrows. douceur acidulée lips. Jalouse eyeshadows. regard velour eyemask. and My New Face modelur 2 click image to download Zone make up sims 4 on Jomsimscreations WEBSITE

Today more make up.

-Mistress eyebrows  sexy eyebrows inspired by 1940 in 6 new colors.
-Douceur acidulée lips very very very shiny. in 16 colors.
-Jalouse eyeshadows sexy eyeshadows  star powder wet  effects in 12 new colors.
-Regard velour eye mask  very shiny and expressive eyes in 24 new colors.
-And my new face modeleur 2 most degraded on temples.brighter forehead.degraded shadow under the eye.
Happy simming!