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samedi 5 septembre 2015

New RIVLETT DINING ROOM click image to download zone diningroom sims 4 on Jomsimscreations website

Hello friends simmers!
Here for your sims 4 new dining Rivlett
Modern and colorful find this new set.
To create this table I have modified all original slots in order to get a high table when the stool I also changed the slots so you can use it with the table.
As you've probably notice, there are no high table in the game, the stool can be used with either bars or with the Counters, and it is not possible to place a traditional stool before a table and eat there. So you can only dine there with these stools designed specifically for this one. and use these same stools only for this table.

High table. stool to  your table for your dinners. deco set, table set. 1 plant.
1 metal floor lamp .1 metal chandelier lamp. 1 wall lamp.
choose your color, choose your style!
Good game!