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samedi 23 juillet 2016

New dual and single thin strap multi set click image to download zone accessories on WEBSITE

Voici dual and simple fine bracelet multi set. Sims 4. Pour elle
2 styles . 3 teintes. 5 choix.
or . pinky or. or blanc.
Très chic, bracelets entrelacés. Ou bracelet multi fermoire.
1- droite et gauche  entrelacé.
2- style 2, gauche.
3- style 2, droite.
4- entrelacé, droite.
5- entrelacé, gauche.
OUI, pour ce weekend, un set de bracelet, simple, et chic.
qui se porte , avec pratiquement tout! du look classic au look plus urbain.
Happy simming!

Here dual and single thin strap multi set. Sims 4. For her
2 styles. 3 shades. 5 choices.
gold . pinky gold. White gold.
Very chic, intertwined bracelets. Or multi strap Clasp.
1- right and left interlaced.
2 style 2 left.
3- 2 style right.
4- interlaced right.
5- interlaced left.
YES, for the weekend, bracelet set, simlpe and chic.
that is worn with almost everything! the classic look in more urban look.
Happy simming!